Our vision (management philosophy) “to boldly go where no one has gone before”, always do not forget the pioneering spirit, it is that we will offer to society the new products and services.

In addition, as a result, we have a mission, that it will continue to change the lifestyle of many people in the world.  With the cooperation of all stakeholders expand the innovative business and to open up the future of humanity, we will continue to make unremitting efforts.

  • Origin of company name.

The name “STARFLEET” is “star” and “fleet”. Various subsidiaries and various businesses in which we now shine like a star and by which they are attached organically in the hope that it will be able to build a solid business foundation as one of the fleet, that’s the reason for choosing this name.

Cutting edge of ICT(Information and Communication Technology) is a new lifestyle of people and represents faithfully the mission of our current transform for more fun, in the name we put a strong desire to continue to develop as a global ICT company from Japan, over the eternal, Guests, and everyone of shareholders, the Company believes that you can become familiar to people of all stakeholders.