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Improvements in technology force businesses to consider new approaches much more quickly when they want to remain competitive (Day, Schoemaker & Gunther, 2004). Again, setting expectations beforehand and good project management may minimize the instances and influence of last minute changes. Explain in the very beginning, and remind clients regularly, that last minute changes cannot be very easily accommodated and will negatively impact your own team’s ability to get the project completed on time and provide the insights they have to make decisions.

Yet that’s only a good documented articles strategy. A great documented content technique addresses the roadblocks and issues your business faces that prevent you from becoming number 1 in your industry, and exactly how you’d use content to overcome individuals challenges. here

At the same time, the seller could provide access to new technology as part of the incentive for your deal. Given today’s seller’s marketplace, larger advisors who have successfully automatic their operations would almost certainly become more attractive to buyers. Professional buyers plus consolidators that either fund or even offer automated solutions stand in order to differentiate themselves, in fact , per Deloitte’s M&A Trends Report 2018, purchase of technology assets now ranks since the number one strategic driver of deal-making. A separate survey from Ernst and Young found that 38 % of corporate acquirers and twenty two percent of private equity professionals positioned a significant emphasis on IT as part of their own approach to transactions.

Plus, personas help with more than just articles. It creates a brand experience that is exclusive to your business’s solutions, and surprisingly, it will help you attract the right type of talent for the job openings you might have. What does technology train us about how to market brands? The solution is a way of engaging, not a way of digital revolution in brand advertising is generally approached as an issue associated with platforms, but it is much more.