Hiring of new employees

The STARFLEET GROUP recruit the full-time employees and part-time employees.


Message for new employees

The keywords ECO × IT, to achieve social ecology by using the force of the IT, We are IT environment venture company.


Qualifications Skills

We are looking for people that can Web programming constructing or operating the database, development of their own services. In addition SEO measures for planning and idea of new business.


Recruiting information

Good salary, convenient working hours, bonuses, insurance.


Internal systems

  • Unified information system
  • Free address system
  • Terminal Server
  • Messenger
  • Dual display system
  • ECO travel allowance
  • Exchange meeting
  • Anniversary party
  • Available at preferential rates is partnering the following facilities
  • Eco-cap
  • Office Glico


Selection flow

  • step.1 Pre-entry
  • step.2 Company seminar and entry sheet
  • step.3 Written test, interview
  • step.4 Tentative decision