Internal systems

information system
Unified information system

Information of the scheduled address book and business file manual, is managed by the groupware all system, all the crew have to share. In addition, we contribute to speed up the work sharing of information as well as send and receive phone messages and e-mail.


Free address system

Сan be used the PC in office,  locked place for luggage, the desk every day is clean. You can challenge the work in a day-to-day feeling fresh.

Terminal Server

Critical data is centralized in the server, I can access their data from any computer. In addition, the server is backed up by the management 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



The exchange day-to-day in-office, using instant messenger (IM).The log is recorded.

Dual display system

Will be provided a laptop PC, but you can also use a liquid crystal display in addition to it. Use the vast desktop space.


ECO travel allowance

If you live alone in the range that can be commuting  to the company by bicycle, 20000 yen per month will be paid. First from environmental activities for be familiar!

Exchange meeting

Once a month, there are exchange meeting of all employees (drinking session). Free (at company expense), membership fee you are going to win more and more shops stylish Tennoz Isle!


Anniversary party (July 4 every year)

July 4th each year, anniversary of the establishment of the company. In the same day as the Independence Day of the United States.

Available at preferential rates is partnering the following facilities.

Konami Sports Club all stores
Tokyo Summerland
Yomiuri Land
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Sanrio Puroland
Oedo -Onsen-Monogatari
Fuji-Q Highland
Hakone Begonia Garden
Prince Hotel Hotel series
Employees’ pension business promotion team facility (well Sanpia Well City , etc.)



Eco-cap movement that are participating from the fact that environmental activities. It is collected in the box cap of only the lid of the bottle.


Office Glico

Box of Glico office at the entrance. 100 yen all articles, you can use it to pay the money to the piggy bank of the frog.