Qualifications Skills

Web engineers

Web programmer

We are looking for people that can Web programming constructing or operating the database, development of their own services.
In addition SEO measures for planning and idea of new business.

[ Desirable skills ]

  • Knowledge PHP programming (development, practical use, maintenance)
  • Basic knowledge SEO and SEM
  • Knowledge about Linux and HTML

[ Seeking person ]

  • People who have a goal and dream of creating a new worth. It is such people who can challenge boldly in new business

Web designer

Production design and FLASH content and Web pages, from processing and processing of the product image, is looking for a person who can production of digital design.

[ Knowledge ]

  • Experience with graphics applications Photoshop, Illustrator, FLASH
  • The basic knowledge of HTML

[ Seeking person ]

  • Who design for production can see from the position of the user. Those who can explore new technology enthusiastically. The person who tackles to work responsibly.

Web business

Participation in the launch of the new business
Please lend your power

Plans and proposals and sales of various services, business analysis, development of business plans, budget and performance management. Finance & Accounting / finance, legal, administration, labor, personnel, and customer support. New Business Development, and Web consulting, other.

[ Desirable skills ]

  • Communication skills

[ Seeking person ]

Person who is rich Ideas. The strong spirit . If you are interested in working in the venture company.