Recruiting information

[ Salary ]

250000 yen monthly salary (Expert, Junior college, University graduates )

[ Working hours ]

8 hours 10:00 ~ 19:00 ※ 1 hour break

[ Raise ]

Four times a year
The evaluated 360 degrees (three months) each quarter, it is determined objectively the performance and the ability to review the quarter annual salary

[ Employee welfare ]

  • available at preferential rates is partnering the following facilities .

Konami Sports Club all stores
Tokyo Summerland
Yomiuri Land
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise
Sanrio Puroland
Oedo -Onsen-Monogatari
Fuji-Q Highland
Hakone Begonia Garden
Prince Hotel Hotel series
Employees’ pension business promotion team facility (well Sanpia Well City , etc.)

  • Employees meeting

Once a month , there are exchange meeting of all employees ( drinking session ) . Free so ( at company expense ) , membership fee you are going to win more and more shops stylish Tennoz Isle !

  • Anniversary party (7月4日every year )

July 4th each year , anniversary of the establishment of the company . In the same day as the Independence Day of the United States , I am opening the party fun every year miraculously.

[ Holidays]

end of week (Sat, Sun), national holidays, summer vacation, the end and beginning of the year holidays, annual paid leave, congratulations and condolences vacation,

※ 123 days holiday per year track record (2007)

[ Insurance ]

Various social insurance

  • Health insurance
  • Employees pension insurance
  • Employment insurance
  • Workers compensation insurance
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