Selection flow

студия дизайна интерьера
  • step.1 Pre-entry

If you interested even a STARFLEED GROUP, first, please pre-entry. I will let you know the detailed selection information.

  • step.2 Company seminar and entry sheet

The people who have pre-entry will guide you how to apply to the company seminars.

Accepts submissions only by the entry sheet submission from the web, those who can not participate in the seminar company is responsible for document screening.

  • step.3 Written test, interview

Is performed multiple times Written test and interview, people who have passed the document screening or participate in the seminar, we will check and aspiring motivation and basic knowledge.

  • step.4 Tentative decision

What we seek is “people who are passionate about really the future of the Internet” and “people are not afraid of change, I enjoy it, get over.” The thing we want to do, there are a lot still. And most of them, just that it nobody has done yet. I look forward, to meeting you and the person who can challenge to an unknown world together.

※ In order to post job offer, get to know the atmosphere of the office, there is also opportunity to participate as intern! !
※ There is the case when be changed selection process.