Message to the part-time job seekers

Message to the part-time job seekers
We are looking a people for part-time job in the Star Fleet Group.
In ECO × IT business, why do not you experience the real approach to the sense of speed work? Only experience does not end of course. I will working on work together with the employees. The offers a variety of jobs to match the skills, such as sales, marketing and new business engineer, and you would like your own.

[ Employment Opportunities ]

  • Web service operation

[ Job Description ]

  • You will be responsible for the management and operated by STARFLEET , operation of various Web services
  • You can experience the back-office operations in the Internet services of company

[ Work content ]

  • The search for information of recycling various products , editing , recording
  • The arrival registration and shipping registration process for various products
  • Customer support by E-mail or telephone
  • Such as input and work documents electronic
  • Other clerical work.

[ Required Skill ]

  • Basic computer knowledge (Windows)

The experience (welcome)

  • Business experience in Web services management company
  • Business experience in the support center and call center
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Operation experience in illustrators and Photoshop

[Working conditions]

  • Working hours : 10:00 to 19:00 ( break : 1 hour)
  • Full five-day week (except Saturday and Sunday, holidays)
  • Hourly Rate : 1000 yen to 1500 yen
  • ※ 1 month training period is 900 yen . Then , there is review every three months depending on performance
  • Transportation costs (Up to 1000 yen round trip per day)
  • Travel expenses (paid separately)
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