Ecofa trade

Ecofa home delivery purchase anyway is easy! Will be accepted easily in the smartphone and personal computer. You can send your goods while at home from anywhere in the country.

Eco-Factory will pay the postage to send the goods.
Order to have sent in our cash on delivery, fee to send your goods will not be applied.

Can do all procedures  while at home by the web.

Understand in advance that you can send your goods with confidence your purchase price is optimal.

We know the market price of 200 000 or more points constantly, using price its own database (factory price),  In addition, the net recycling system that does not have a shop, the low-cost operations. Therefore, is possible purchase products at a reasonable price.

You can using ​​a simple member registration and free online assessment, and then also consent application for the purchase, can be done easily at the touch of a button. In addition,  is safe it possible to store all the history of your sale.